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Here you can find some useful websites relating to Wales or the Welsh language. For other links (= non-Welsh) I recommend, click here.

First of all, the BBC Wales site is an extremely rich source: you can check the English or the Welsh version. You will not only find info on current issues here, but lots of things relating to Wales, its history, and the like.

The BBC Wales/Cymru site is great for learners of Welsh, too, with lots of material available here.

The University of Wales at Lampeter has an online Welsh dictionary. It is far from being complete, but it is good on the whole, and if you can't find a word, you can write them an email.

There's an American site called Britannia which includes a forum on Wales, where you can discuss Welsh topics and ask questions, many of which will actually be answered. To reach it, click here.

If you want to learn about famous Welsh people, or people who have a Welsh ancestry, check the Famous Welsh website.

If you are considering a trip to Wales, check VisitWales, or The West and Wales.

You can find a general Wales site here.

There's a website with an online Welsh course as well. It is useful though not too sophisticated.

For books in Welsh as well as in English, check here.



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